Saturday, 5 March 2011


PowerGIS working groups have continuously introduced new scientific researches and practical applications. In the past few years, we have completed several academic researches, GIS and Remote Sensing softwares/modules, and some major projects as follows:

- Feasible study on the applications of small satellite data for agriculture, forestry, natural resource management and disaster management.
- Satellite image capability research for land use change evaluation.
- Fundamentals of orthographic image rectification.
- Digital Elevation Model building for orthographic image rectification.
- Methodology review for land use change detection using remote sensing techniques.
- Remote Sensing techniques Review for land use map making.
- Remote Sensing techniques Review for Agriculture.
- Remote Sensing techniques Review for Forestry.
- Remote Sensing techniques Review for disaster management.
- Remote Sensing techniques Review for natural resource management.
- Remote Sensing of land surface using ballon.
- Polygon overlay errors within GIS.
- GIS Spatial modeling for evaluation of accessibility by transport system in Bac Kan province.
- Spatial database principles for water pollution GIS in Day river basin.
- Survey on Remote Sensing data utilisation and capability in Vietnam.
- On-field survey navigation system for real-time data input with GPS.
- Digital Image analysis with MiniImage software.
- Environmental Vulnerability Index evalation for Ba Be - Na Hang complex (Viet Nam), Terraba river basin (Costa Rica), Warana river basin (India) and Kruger Park (South Africa).
- Online GIS database development for LiveDiverse project and Land use change analysis for the Red river delta; Online GIS database for Vietnam.
- Multimedia GIS database development for Bac Ninh province.
- GIS and RS software development (P-Trans, P-GPS, P-Remark, P-Convert, P-Circle, P-DBF, P-SMIF...).
- Capacity building training courses on GIS and environmental impact analysis (ADB).
- Rural land use planning for Phuc Tho district, Hanoi.



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