Saturday, 5 March 2011

GIS and Remote Sensing software development

PowerGIS put high priority into Remote Sensing and GIS software development. Our softwares are of various categories, from small, medium to large integrated systems which focus in solving in-depth technical problems as well as providing managerial utilities.

Most of the common GIS & RS softwares are capable of supporting general tasks, however, only a few of them are able to provide integrated solution. On the other hand, they're at high cost which sometimes not suitable for users who require some specific applications to solve specific issues. Even though having license of those commercial softwares, users still have to invest cost and time for mastering them.

PowerGIS is developing softwares based on following objectives:
- To solve any specific research/managerial issues;
- To make applications light, easy to use, and consume less system resource;
- To provide missing modules in commercial softwares;
- To meet user's specific issues.

Our programmers are coding softwares with two main groups:
- Stand-alone (EXE) running under Windows OS;
- Script/macro as plug-ins for other softwares.

PowerGIS is also providing several solutions for different disciplines:
- Data format conversion;
- Map projection transformation;
- Spatial data analysis;
- Statistical analysis;
- GIS database management;
- Geographical change detection;
- Land evaluation;
- Land use planning;
- Spatial accessibility analysis;
- Character code transformation;
- Thematic map utility;
- Digital image processing;
- Office software utility;
- ....

The PowerGIS's Programming Group is accepting any requests to code new softwares on customers' demand in short time with professional and high quality products.


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