Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Introduction to PowerGIS

PowerGIS is established for the purpose of knowledge sharing and bilateral cooperation with our partners. The Working Group of PowerGIS includes members from many disciplines: GIS, remote sensing, geography, soil science, agricultural planning, ecology, forestry, water management, modeling, simulation, graphics, information technology.

PowerGIS highlights Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing technology as a foundation to provide different solutions: software, hardware, consulting and direct supervision of implementation. The Expert Group supports partners with programming techniques to solve major problems in Remote Sensing, GIS, modeling and so on, especially providing on-demand order requests. Our Consultant Group provides integrated solutions that helps you rapidly fulfill GIS&RS project works. Our expert groups with many years of experience working for international and local projects such as ADB, World Bank, IRRI, IRD, AIT, ITC, SOPPECOM, INUDA, JRC, EC ... and agencies, national ministries such as Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Health, Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Vietnam, National Institute of Agricultural Planning and Projection, National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health , National Instistute of Water Resource Planning, the Department of Forest Inventory...

In recent years, PowerGIS has become one of the most familiar addresses for researchers, students, agencies and organizations using GIS & Remote Sensing over 140 countries worldwide. PowerGIS blog continuously received supports and contributions from numerous members and users to become one of the richest pages in the field of Remote Sensing - GIS in Vietnam.


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