Friday, 4 March 2011

Management Board

+ Manager: Do Minh Phuong - GIS and Remote Sensing expert.
- Master of Engineering, GIS and Remote Sensing - Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).
- Doctor of Engineering candidate, Remote Sensing and GIS - Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).
- 3 year experience on rice supply and demand modeling - International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).
- 2 year experience on climate change modeling - General Department of Meteorology & Delft Hydraulics.
- 4 year experience teaching assistant GIS and digital image processing programming - AIT.
- 5 year experience on network admin - Space Technology Applications and Research Department - AIT.
- Department of Geography lecturer - Chiang Mai Uninversity, on Multimedia Cartography.
- Lecturer on GIS and Remote Sensing applications for natural resource management and impact analysis - Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
- Department of Forestry project expert.
- National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health project expert.
- GIS and Remote Sensing expert on environmental vulnerable index evaluation (EVI) and commnunication, Biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods in developing countries project (EU).
- Consultant for many other projects on forestry, biodiversity, environmental impact analysis and rural planning.

+ Modeling and Software Development Group: Bui Tan Yen
- BSc of Soil Science, Hanoi University of Agriculture.
- MSc of Soil Science, Hanoi University of Agriculture.
- Doctor of Engineering Candidate, Land use modeling, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.
- 15 year experience of GIS and Remote Sensing research and application for soil sciences.
- GIS: Software development for Mapinfo, ArcInfo, ArcView, Surfer, IDRISI…
- GeoStatistic: Geospatial change detection mapping analysis.
- Modelling: Modelling on soil nutrition, water flow, erosion, Lập mô hình mô phỏng về dinh dưỡng đất, dòng chảy, xói mòn, plant restructure, plant yield estimation and suitability prediction, land optimization, and fertilizer demand.
- Programming: Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), MapBasic, PCRaster, Linear Programming (LP).

+ Communication Group: Nguyen Dan Tri - Multimedia and computer graphic expert; WebGIS developer; opensource software development; event organizer and customer relation.

+ GIS Technology Group: Nguyen Minh Thu - GIS expert; soil and fertilizer scientist; idea developing and map publishing.


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