Friday, 25 February 2011

On-demand Order

PowerGIS starts to accepts on-demand orders from customers. You can write us or contact by telephone for your requests. We're providing following main services:
- Software development: GIS, remote sensing, data processing, statistical analysis... in VB, C++, MapBasic, QBasic, ArcGIS VBA, ArcView Avenue, Excel VBA, Access VBA, Word VBA, PowerPoint VBA.
- GIS data checking and processing: All types of GIS data and satellite image data checking and processing, including error checking, projection transformation, format conversion, image geo-referencing, image pan-sharpening, image classification, and more.
- Attribute data processing: Excel, Access, Text and other tabular data processing and conversion automated by programming (stand-alone applications, or by script/macro).
- Data input: Map digitization, image digitization, image scanning, data searching service from the Internet...

Please contact us for further services and information.


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