Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Real-time car navigation system

More than several popular car navigation systems in the market, our navigation system PGPS 1.0 is not only a GPS system, but also a data management system for real-time input. The PGPS 1.0 solution from PowerGIS has been developed to advance some limitations remained in those systems:

- High cost;
- Lack of base maps;
- No capability of uploading customized database into the device;
- Limits in user-interface and interactive operations.

PGPS 1.0 is developed to provide convenience and advanced functions to users with gap-filling features to those limitations. Working on a notebook, PGPS 1.0 allows users to upload and customized many types of maps and satellite images on its navigation system. This feature is advanced and suitable with requirements from many groups of users. Different from a normal GPS receiver, PGPS 1.0 opens opportunity for users to display and customize their thematic maps on the displaying screen. On its operation, users can also switch on and off any layers of the map set with ease. Users can display map layers and satellite images from different formats on our system.

Imagine you are a geologist and you want to conduct a geomorphological survey at the study area, PGPS 1.0 helps you display geology, geomorphology, topography, river system, transport system... layers on the screen. The last job a user needs to do is to connect a GPS into the netbook and it will locate your position right away on those map layers. Anywhere you go, anytime you look into the screen, you know exactly your location and your tracks.

Another advantage of the system is its utilization of GIS features going with our system. Users can search, query and display information at any location on the map.

More than it, users can input their data into the system and save it as GIS information. You don't need to carry pen and notepad, and so, save papers for the green environment.

With 3G/4G internet connection, our system allows users to send field data to the data server right on the field. Information is updated at real time and anyone can browse updated data from the web GIS server anywhere in the world.

PGPS 1.0 brings you exciting experience of an optimized system for car navigation and real-time data input.

All you need to do is having a notebook, a GPS receiver and contact us. PowerGIS makes your system work and more than it, turning your system into an intelligent, efficient and smart tool on field.


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