Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Knowledge Exchange

- You're facing a problem with the work?

- An algorithm or your method doesn't work?

- You've been spending several hours searching for data but not successful?

- You're reluctant to try a new method, and still searching for a good advice?

- You're not able to find an expert to solve the problem?

- You're wondering about the capacity of any software?

- You're a student and you don't have good financial support to hire a specialist?

We PowerGIS support you for free!!!

Don't worry about projects, or programs you're working which are not non-commercial. We do not care about it.

Who do PowerGIS voluntarily support ?

It's so simple! Anyone of us once in a while needs supports from the others. It is natural and none of us is out of this rule. We PowerGIS have got a lot supports from the others as well.

PowerGIS builds connections between local GIS experts to support each other. We expect to create a large network for information exchange and free supports. Supporting the others is our way to get connected with you and build the circle among us.

Connect to PowerGIS for information exchange and building support network.


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