Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pollution Source Information System for Quang Ninh

PowerGIS is developing a Pollution Source Information System (PSI) for Quang Ninh province by the order of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE).

The management of pollution sources such as enterprises, factories, companies.... requires an efficient, user-friendly and informative system which supports decision makers and mangers of the related bodies.

Main issues

- Large amount of unorganized data which need to be centralized and standardized;

- Lack of tools for data verification, error checking, search, summary and synchronization;

- Mass data duplication without being centralized;

- Technical difficulty to normal users;

- Loose linkage between different database management systems and geo-referenced data presentation.

PowerGIS's solution

PSI v1.0 is an efficient solution for the managerial work. The system supports data input and error checking during the input process. On the other hand, PSI provides various options of data presentation such as form view, table view and GIS (map) view, which enables end-users retrieve information and manage the database in a customized way.

A set of tools for data summary, data aggregation, data calculation enables rapid information retrieval upon different criteria.

Search/find/filter and advanced query toolbox supports users getting information in convenient ways. Out of normal searching methods, PSI provides multi-criteria search that can retrieve various kinds of information by the user's needs. The results can be exported into Excel, Word, Foxpro or a GIS map (MapInfo, ArcGIS).

Report tool supports report creation task and printing job. Soft copy of the report can also be exported to Ms Word's format for data exchange.

PSI 1.0 supports an outstanding features - Data synchronization (Data Sync.) that synchronizes data sets from different user's inputs (working in different departments/offices) into a central database, which will then, be re-distributed to the users.

PSI 1.0's target users:

a) Environmental Control Section of Sub-Department of EP
b) Appraisal and Licensing Section of Sub-Department of EP
c) Inspection Division
d) Water Resources Division
f) District PCs
g) Environmental Police Department

PSI 1.0 is scheduled to release by the end of November 2011.


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